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About Spunaloy Castings

Spunaloy manufactures bronze and aluminium centrifugal "Spun Cast" castings and related products. We see ourselves as a service industry to engineering businesses requiring quality high integrity material for the manufacture of bearings, bushes, liners and gears. Additionally, within our company we have the expertise and capability to source and supply products from quality manufacturers for materials outside our normal manufacturing range.

We are happy to share the experience we have gained since 1949 in the nonferrous material industry and we are willing to work in partnership with our clients getting the job done promptly.


Machining a Bronze Spun Casting

Benefits of SpunCast

Centrifugal force literally squeezes molten metal into shrinkage voids as they are formed. This results in a high integrity, dense casting when compared to a static or sand casting.

A spun casting is your best assurance of a high strength, defect free and component ready for use, or further machining and testing.

All of Spunaloy's spuncastings come supplied proof machined giving you the assurance of receiving a porosity and inclusion free casting prior to any costly finish machining operation. Castings supplied proof machined, save our customers time and money.