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* Bearings
* Bushes

* Flat Sections
* Gears

* Thrust Plates
* Washers


* Aluminium Bronze
* Gunmetal
* High Tensile Brass

* Lead Bronze
* Leaded Gunmetal
* Phosphor Bronze


* Gear Manufacturers
* General Engineering
* Mining
* Renewable Energy

* Shipping 
* Sugar Refining


Castings are supplied spun cast and proof machined to 3mm of finished sizes. Proof machining  saves money and ensures you receive a high quality casting.

Other alloys can be cast on request. Spunaloy uses a spectometer to measure the chemical elements in each cast. So unusual alloys can be accomodated.  If required, we are also able to supply mill certificates from each melt.

Australia's leading supplier of high integrity, porosity free  spun castings.

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